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Self-Mastery Does Not Boast

Self-Mastery Does Not Boast Paul Hudon

Recently, during my daily meditation, the term “self-mastery” came to mind. I hadn’t placed much thought on self-mastery until that moment, and I thought a conversation with my inner voice might add some perspective on the subject.

Self-mastery comes through releasing your ego from your consciousness. It is the ego that gets offended and upset and then seeks revenge when it feels insulted. True self-mastery recognizes these events as reflections of other people and their states of mind. This can be a challenge to accept, but how often do words or actions of others throw you off center?

Controlling your reactions to the world around you is self-mastery. In this powerful place, you know you cannot control others; all you can do is maintain your center. This gives you the best chance at staying in a good place emotionally.