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The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Portia and Lilith

The Secret Wisdom of Animals: Portia and Lilith Kim Malonie

Michele: We appreciated your past communication with our previous cat companions, Gracie and Shadow, who crossed the rainbow bridge three and four years ago.

We adopted our new cat girls, Portia and Lilith, from the local Humane Society four weeks ago. Everyone has been adjusting well, but I intend to switch their terrible food that is laden with chemical preservatives and food dyes to quality dry and wet foods. I’m starting by adding small amounts of the better food mixed with their original food, and I’m planning on adding Feline Gut Smooth, which I ordered along with some new honeysuckle toys I know they like. I also just received a homeopathic anti-vaccinosis, since they will soon get their first rabies vaccine.

I am a Reiki master and certified in Bach flower remedies. I use English wildflower essences as well.