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Rekindle Your Passions

Rekindle Your Passions Dr. Dravon James

What happened to you? I mean, what happened to you, not what happened to you, the wife, or you, the mom, or you, the employee. What happened to you, the dreamer, the lover, the adventurer? What enticed you away from your journey and lured you to the path that you are on today?

In the third grade, I discovered my passion. I knew beyond a doubt what I wanted to do with my life. It was a rainy afternoon, and we couldn’t go outside for recess. My teacher pulled out the record player and announced we would listen to the recording of a play. I fell in love with the music and the actors. I was even more thrilled when she announced we would be performing the play during the spring assembly.

I remember the process of learning my lines and the dance steps. I also remember the auditions. I studied for the part of the lead. I knew the lines and the dance routine; I was ready to be cast in that role. I wanted to be an actress.