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Nothing You Do Can Separate You from Love

Nothing You Do Can Separate You from Love Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, my dear ones. Greetings to you. Here we are, together for another wonderful chat. Now, I’m going to talk with you about something that you dance around but in the end find difficult, perhaps very difficult, to reside within and become. All right now, don’t groan about that. I believe you’ll find this all quite liberating. Here we go.

You are aware of the truth that says you are all one, that all beings are one being, that you breathe the same breath and reside in truth. More so, you are comprised by the All That Is taking form as the many. Now, those are a lot of words, truth be it, a lot of words. What do they mean? What do all these words mean with regard to our daily living? They mean this:

As you pursue your spiritual journey, which unfolds before you, inviting you to become more conscious of who you really are, there comes a moment when you step out of that purpose. Why? Why do you separate yourselves from the whole? The answer is simple, my dears. This is Earth, this is physicality, and this is a most chaotic time. Issues are flying around like mosquitoes in summer evenings in New Hampshire as governments are becoming more dictatorial. People are sick, and the masses are fearful of more sickness. The Right is “really right,” and those who oppose the Right believe they are really right too.