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Move Forward in Love

Move Forward in Love Master Imhotep through Karinna Nielsen

Karinna: Recently, a good friend of mine left the Earth plane through what is commonly known as dying. All of us — his family and many friends — were shocked by the suddenness of his departure in a tragic accident. He was well-liked by everyone, and he was only in his sixties. We all felt the loss deeply.

The morning after his departure, I was in meditation, and I felt his energy surrounding me. I heard a message from him come into my mind. I’d like to share a part of it with you here. He said, “Just know that I am more than okay and very much enjoying the beauty of the light. Know this, Karinna, the Creator is woven into everything — everything. From what I can see now, there is Creator light in all people, all things — even certain politicians that you may not like. So love everything and everyone. All is Creator source light.”

After this message from my friend on the other side of the veil, I received this timely message from Master Imhotep addressing the feeling of completions and new beginnings we all might be feeling now.