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Master Aspect Potential Ascends

Master Aspect Potential Ascends The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

When does all this integrative phase-shifting in and out of time become stable?

Light masters, there seems to still be some confusion about the instability of the soul’s core light phasing in and out. The phase shifting concludes when you are in the sum of your true-self I Am vibration every moment as one moment. This is pure essence — a composite new self in a newly born life cycle. This is the cosmic-eternal presence that has collected all its aspects and their wisdom, and it has birthed itself into your new divine-human master creator. This new standard of consciousness offers a new species master DNA life code. This allows you to hold your true composite vibration (or light quotient) as your own source by becoming your own creations. Here, awareness truly moves back into imagination and receivership.

Bio-light masters, there is a major difference between the old, limited energy and the new energy creational aspects. The old Earth universe includes parallel universal lifetimes, life forms, bodies, patterns, blueprints, emotions, existences, and even senses you have lived. These have participated in a distorted story of creation, where the life code gene of compassion was suppressed by giving in suffering rather than receiving all the life that the cosmos wanted you to become and fulfill. Here, the energy of service to self and service to others became wounds of competition and separation.