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Make Choices Based on Love rather than Fear

Make Choices Based on Love rather than Fear Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

It is time for you to take up your power and stop cowering in fear. This is a turning point in your evolution, a level at which you stop victimizing yourself and step into action to manifest the world you were intended to create.

In your world of polarity, you have spent eons learning about fear — the dark side of energy. You have explored every way this lower-frequency energy can be used. You have both given and received fear. You have both controlled with fear and been controlled by it. The pendulum of your evolution has swung as far as it can in that direction.

Now you are done with it — or nearly done. Functioning in response to fear has become an ingrained habit. It first began as you evolved into intelligent human form. Fear saved you from being killed so that you could survive and continue your upward evolution. It wasn’t love that warned you of dangerous animals that could kill you for their dinner; it was fear.