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Love Is Why You Are Here

Love Is Why You Are Here Pillars of Light through Thelma Bodnar

The spirit of love enfolds you now as you read these words. The essence of your true self realizes the joy of life, the reality of hope, and the courage of your soul. Each day you are inspiring others as you choose your path. You shine your light with enthusiasm and tenderness toward others. You awaken the sleeping souls who have been brought to you through eons of time.

You shoulder responsibilities, as you always have, with an awareness of purpose, survival, and the movement of Spirit. You cherish the journey — one step at a time, the softness, and the hardness — of living as a human. You are aware of the increasing tones of change, the rapidity of time, and the frequency shifts. You can experience it all in an instant or in bits and pieces. The result will be the same.

Your spirit soars in the new awakening, the new resources, that are being given to you in the shades of viable options that propel you to new choices and perceptions. Ever alert to your surroundings, you are called to open to all possibilities. You are being ushered into an awareness of openness, possibilities, and potentials for expansion in self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-gratitude.