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The Journey of Remembrance and Choice

The Journey of Remembrance and Choice The Divine Directors through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Welcome and greetings, beloved angels of divine presence. As we come forward in this moment, our sacred intention is to offer a guidepost. Many of you call out for greater clarity. For some, this might be a map to consciousness or perhaps an almanac for the journey. The journey of your divine mastery has already begun, has already ended, and eternally starts again. The cycles of ascended consciousness continually spiral until the freedom of your divine wisdom-seated soul illuminates the center of the journey and lifts you beyond the illusion.

Calling your self into form as you cocreate in this world of divine illusion is indeed a powerful journey and one you have undertaken with full consciousness. As you now connect with us, that consciousness begins to unfold with greater clarity. This is the essence of the journey: to reclaim your clarity through the experience of the world you now cocreate.

Breathing into your heart, we invite you to relax and join us beside a crystalline fire. Relax even more into this beauty-filled world. As you call for this state of relaxed energy, invite the mind of this world experience to join us. We invite all that you are so that your conscious mind can feel safe to relax in this moment and receive. Smile and consider this a fireside chat, a moment of relaxation and simple presence. As you do, witness what you are experiencing, and fully empower your ascended presence.