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Hold the Light for All Humanity

Hold the Light for All Humanity The Highest Council of Light through Penni Moore

Good day, beautiful soul! By the time this message reaches the masses, you will be well into 2020. So much is occurring behind the scenes globally and throughout the universe. Some very interesting and enlightened teachers and healers are stepping forward to guide humanity. In retrospect, the year 2020 will be considered a tumultuous year in so many ways. Hidden agendas will be torn apart and planetary destruction will run rampant, all in the name of healing the planet and human consciousness. More government corruption will be revealed and criticized, including the abuse of taxpayer money.

This is also a year of more clearing and healing on soul and interdimensional levels. You still have so much work to do on yourself. You are beginning to live a heart-centered life. When you connect with others, you feel their essences from a deeper and more-profound level. This channel can certainly vouch for these heart centered feelings, as she has felt this intense love with a number of others recently. These feelings are unlike anything you have ever felt. This way of being will assist your brothers and sisters to recognize the intense light within each person with whom you have this intense connection.

On another level, you feel the pain and destruction around the planet and within yourself. This confirms the adage “as within, so without.” What you feel internally externalizes outwardly. The majority of humans are at odds with themselves, trying to maneuver the changes within. So many barriers and old belief programs are being torn down — “shredded,” if you will — and some are having a very difficult time maneuvering what is coming to the surface within and around them.