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The Healing Shift

The Healing Shift The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

If you looked back in time and studied the endless consciousness shifts that humankind has moved through to survive as a species over thousands of years, you would have more confidence in this present shift you are undergoing; it would not appear as difficult as you think. When you are afraid of your government officials and of the laws they do or do not pass, you fear for yourself and your family. Every new administration causes you to wonder what will be given or taken away by newly elected officials. This can become an everyday burden and source of fear when your family is low-income and it is hard to clothe and feed your children.

You have been wrestling with duality for what must seem like forever. The hard parts of being human are not easy, because they are not meant to be easy. In a duality such as yours, you must discover everything you can about yourself and others to see just how alike you are. With that knowledge, you can support each other as you learn and grow in awareness as fellow humans.

The evolving shift in consciousness that has been taking place on your planet for the past few decades, is now reaching its apex. With this shift will come increased chaos, disharmony, social upheaval, and fear of losing all you have believed in. Don’t let fear hinder your human and soul progress; you will be guided and protected through this very important step into ascension. You have nothing to be alarmed about, dear one; you will have what you need on every level of your existence. You began preparing for this shift even before your human birth took place. In other words, you made a soul agreement to move through this shift with others who are becoming aware of the upcoming shift in consciousness.