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Get Back to the Basics

Get Back to the Basics Lynn Buess

National and international economies have long been unstable, manipulated, and troubled. That becomes more obvious at this time, as there are serious issues, probable regional collapses, and a global realization of the need for major reform.

At home, the vendetta of the controversial Speaker of the House toward our sometimes bizarre and erratic country leader is hopefully over. If so, serious transgressions of previous administrations will shock the ill-informed and gullible. This serves to distract from real issues plaguing our nation and planet.

Most likely, by now the global pandemic will either be out of control or revealed for what it is. Either way, the public grows increasingly weary of the government lies and collusion that go on among the powerbrokers who determine this country’s decisions. It is an important time for people to explore natural remedies and components that boost the immune system and contribute to overall health.