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Encounters with the People of Inner Earth

Encounters with the People of Inner Earth People of Inner Earth and Soh through Monica Dumont

Monica: In 2018, as part of a vacation to Arizona, I included a side trip to Sedona. After arriving, my enthusiasm for hiking and exploring led me to the Amitabha Stupa. Walking into this space was a truly unique experience, and I found myself charged with energy. A small court away from the main area was so peaceful that I sat down on one of the benches under a shady tree to work on expanding my core.

I soon heard these words: “It was said, long ago, that the people of the light would come back to the planet and those who had stayed would reawaken.” The words sounded familiar, so I asked: “Who are the people of the light?”

“Beings who lived here long ago and beings who left after their civilization was destroyed,” they said. “Some of them are still in contact with their ancestors.”