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Empower Your Life in the Year of the Rat

Empower Your Life in the Year of the Rat Various Beings through Rae Chandran

Rae: In today’s message, we will talk about unknown energies in Chinese zodiac astrology. Master Buddha said that everything contains known and unknown energy. Please keep an open mind as you read this new perspective.

Master Yeshua: This is Master Yeshua. I ask you to place your hand gently on your heart and breathe. Let each breath take you deeper and deeper within, effortlessly. You might find that your shoulders slump as you begin to relax. In this space, your mind is more receptive.

Lord Maitreya and I now place our hands on the front and back of your heart chakra. See a white, pillar-like flame go up and down your body. Breathe into this pillar. This is the pillar of peace. As you breathe, this pillar multiplies twelve times. You are now inside the pillar of light. This is your light quotient from all dimensions. Breathe into the pillar. See yourself merge into this light. There is only light within you. This pillar gives you peace and protection. We are now ready for this transmission.