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The Empath’s Portal: Be Your High-Frequency Identity

The Empath’s Portal: Be Your High-Frequency Identity The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

The Heart of the Mother: A new consciousness is here. Highly perceptive, multidimensional beings who can sense these subtle worlds of energy and spirit are already tuning to the new frequencies. As an empath, you might feel the new frequencies and wonder, “What am I supposed to do with even more sensitivity?”

Higher-frequency vibrations are streaming to Earth from your star brothers and sisters. Realms of being are in ecstasy, delighting in these nourishing and light-filled energies. Visionary experiences, higher sensitivity levels, and intuitive wisdom are readily apparent. Your purpose is to ground these energies and bring them to life within your heart. You and I, the Heart of the Mother, will together birth a new vision of humanity and a new version of reality. I feel pregnant with new life. I hope you feel this too.

Your sensitivities align you with a deeper reality. You do not accept the superficial or the expedient, so your path is different from the rest of humanity. It is time to embrace your unique perspective, timing, and rhythm; ground in my heart for strength and sustenance; and be the multisensory being you are. There is no sense fighting against yourself.