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Embracing the Change Upon Us

Embracing the Change Upon Us Phyllis Light

It hasn’t exactly been a piece of cake to be a human this past year. It’s been hard to feel centered and grounded while buffeted by so many intense planetary energies. We need to not judge ourselves for being out of sorts or out of control or any variation of these feelings.

We are all being pushed, molded, forged, and compressed to become something new, different, and more powerful, with higher vibrations and more energy than ever before. This might sound great (and cosmically speaking, it is great), but the reality is that life has been anything but easy breezy.

When a piece of steel is tempered in fire, it becomes harder, stronger, and more durable. But if the steel could talk while in the fire, it would say, “Ouch, ouch. This hurts. Get me out of here!” This is what many of us have been going through. We’re in this highly transformational process now, in which we’re all being tempered like steel in fire.