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The Dynamics of Human Consciousness

The Dynamics of Human Consciousness The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders, the first souls who arrived on this planet. Several times, we have shared about aspects of human consciousness. We will summarize what we shared before so that we can share additional aspects that form the foundation for the direction in which human consciousness is moving.

When we talk about human consciousness, we have to look at two aspects. First, we will look at how human consciousness has developed over time. You can understand this development by studying the energies in different consciousness grids and fields. Second, we will look at human consciousness as the Sidhe, the Inner Earth people, and you, the humans on the surface of Earth, currently express it.

Human consciousness started with our arrival on this planet. We came by Gaia’s invitation. As we have shared before, when we arrived, we became aware of the difference between our vibrations and those of the physical Earth. We had committed to contribute to the ascension of the physical system of Gaia. To do so, we needed to be connected with and part of the physical Gaia system.