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Dream Zone: Release the Message Within

Dream Zone: Release the Message Within Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I don’t always remember the details, but for about two months now, I keep having this dream of a very large male who is in creature form. He brutally rips off his skin and replaces it with larger, different skin. He grabs mostly the chest muscles and rips them off. There is blood, gore — the works. He destroys everything in his path, knocking over buildings, trees, and people. It’s very destructive.
— Lisa, Ogden, UT

Lauri: This is connected to something you have been dealing with for two months now. Your subconscious seems to have given form to some sort of negative, destructive force in your life. Are you the one who is frustrated and angry, or is it someone close to you? Are you (or the other person) always beating your chest, so to speak, trying to be dominant and strong (hence, the chest muscles), but perhaps others see right through you?

Lisa replies: I definitely feel as though I’m building resentment within a relationship. It’s with an angry individual, hence the building resentment, I think.