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Discomfort Signals a Need for Change

Discomfort Signals a Need for Change Donna Taylor

There is a powerful, galvanizing force behind April’s planetary configurations. The Sun journeys through the sign of Aries, Saturn joins the powerhouse Mars in Aquarius, Uranus squares Saturn and Mars, and Jupiter and Pluto square the Sun. And this is just in the first week! This will be a time for action and to focus on constructive change, but at the same time, we should be wary of being excessive. When the full moon occurs in Libra on April 7/8, we may find ourselves in a heightened emotional state, as it will be easy to overact physically, emotionally, or mentally. Balance will be called for at this time.

It’s the Uranus square to Mars that we need to be particularly watchful of. Though this can be a dynamic aspect when channeled correctly, it can easily cause willful and fanatical behavior, leading to potentially rash and destructive action. It may be helpful (this first week and especially around the full moon) to ask ourselves: Why are we doing this? What are we trying to achieve? Because if we’re not conscious, we could become driven by fanaticism that could turn destructive. If we blow a fuse or feel overly wired, we can be sure that Uranus and Mars are working adversely.

To counteract, or balance, this spiky energy, we should spend some time in nature, where we can feel grounded. Another remedy is to put our hands in the earth by doing some digging or planting. Alternatively, we could bake a cake or create something. Anything that involves using our hands in a practical way will bring down the energy from the head into the body and discharge it effectively.