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Cultivate a Natural Responsiveness to Life

Cultivate a Natural Responsiveness to Life One Life through Catherine Weser

Now is the time to cultivate a natural responsiveness to life. This means developing more comfort with an easy-going attitude that is your most uncontrived way of responding to the unfolding nature of your life. Your life unfolds with many opportunities and possibilities in every moment. No moment is ever the same as the last or the next.

There is a unique configuration of possibilities in every moment that unfolds. To become able to perceive each moment as this unique configuration of possibilities, you need an experimental attitude, a sense that each step you take, no matter how big or small, will be a step in a direction for which you have enthusiasm.

An experimental attitude does not focus on protecting yourself from any perceived harm or challenge. It is an attitude that is willing to explore with a genuine sense of the most likely outcome to be something of value. You do not approach each moment trying to achieve something or get somewhere; instead, you encounter the moment’s possibilities and opportunities that arise. This is natural responsiveness.