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Crystal Grids

Crystal Grids Nicholas Pearson

The impetus to arrange stones in specific geometric forms is ancient. Our ancestors made stone circles, medicine wheels, and giant monuments out of rocks for eons. These are the prototypes of the crystal grids we use in healing today. I think the single most popular crystal application is making crystal grids. Grids have been covered in books, podcasts, and posts on social media. These eye-catching arrangements of crystals and gemstones (sometimes adorned with candles, flowers, or other objects) are an effective and fun way to bring crystal energy into your life.

What, exactly, is a crystal grid? I define it as an intentional placement of crystals or gemstones arranged geometrically to manifest a specific intention or outcome. One of the keywords in this definition is “intentional.” Merely emptying your pockets on your counter does not make a grid!

Crystal grids owe their remarkable effects to the law of synergy and the principles of sacred geometry. The law of synergy says that the result of a creation is greater than the sum of its parts. The energy of crystal grids is not additive. You don’t simply combine the influence of each stone in the grid in a linear fashion. Instead, the energies coalesce into a greater whole, something bigger and better than can be achieved with a single stone.