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Connect to Your Heart

Connect to Your Heart Quan Yin through Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision I see is a garden trellis covered in roses. As I walk through the entry into the garden, I am led to a beautiful gazebo overlooking a reflection pond. Sitting in the gazebo is Quan Yin, and she welcomes all who choose to read these words. Swimming in the pond is an elegant white swan, and I am particularly drawn to her long neck as it dips into the water to feed on plant life.

Quan Yin: Welcome to all who choose to enter this spiritual garden of reflection. I invite you to pause on your earthly journey and take a moment for quiet contemplation. Taking time to go into a quiet space is always beneficial to your body, mind, and soul. In your busy lives, your energy is pulled and pushed in all directions.

When you honor yourselves by taking quality time for mindfulness, you allow your body, mind, and soul to connect to the support that is there for you. This support is always with you and is held in each breath you take. When you breathe, you connect to your divine spark and your timeless spirit. Breathing intentionally and with focus provides you the greatest benefit.