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Come Together in Times of Change

Come Together in Times of Change The Guides through Deborah Harrington

Animal beings and human beings on Earth are experiencing much turmoil. Many feel depressed and sad, and others feel angry and want to lash out. Almost all feel afraid. The level of chaos and uncertainty in the world is unprecedented. It seems there is nowhere to turn for comfort, peace, or safety. Every day, new stories arise of beings killing others. Many have given up hope and are desperate enough to harm others.

Everyone is looking for the same thing: love. Beings of Earth feel a great longing to join with those who have learned to live in love. This longing has been answered, and many of you are here to bring this love to Earth and anchor it so all can feel loved. Many beings, such as ourselves, work on the spiritual level to bring this love to Earth. As this loving energy reaches Earth, it releases stored pain. This is the phase you are in now.

The many acts of violence and hatred you see performed again and again are an extension of that released energy. As it releases, it leaves room for love to enter. This is why so many or you respond with help when there is a tragedy. At a very deep level, you understand that every act of violence is a cry for love. When there are many acts of violence, the cry is very loud, and all finally hear it and step up to love.