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Become Dimensionally Sharper

Become Dimensionally Sharper Inspired Guidance through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

As our visions become dimensionally sharper and clearer, all internal and external truths are questioned under the sharp light of human scrutiny. We have many decades of time under our human belts. Sometimes our missions fade in original memory. Who we once were, what we once thought, and what mattered then all are seen in bright light. We are like the quantum energy within us: sometimes waves and other times particles. We house multitudes of inner and outer layers of living light. Like the engines of cars, we have many running parts — body, mind, and spirit. Each has a different function. Each is affected differently during times of solar energy, earth energy, weather shifts, stellar explosions, and debris that falls from our solar system.

We lean forward in the seats of our souls, trying to see through all the planetary fluctuations. We drift into unchartered waters through oceans of verbal wreckage. As regeneration increases in thrust for the human race, forward movement is vital. By standing still in thought or deed, we can get waterlogged in the dimensional bog.

The universe demands movement in all forms. Life is chunky and contains more than in the past. Earth shifts and continually adjusts to new places in the skies. We are somewhat toughened as new spring energies create tensions in our bodies, causing puzzling aches and pains. We give way to life’s demands, finding ourselves in limbo. How low can we go? We want to escape, yet we don’t want to run away.