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Ask the Angels: The Evolution of the Soul on Earth

Ask the Angels: The Evolution of the Soul on Earth the Angels through Cheryl Gaer Barlow

From Cheryl: Let me preface by saying, please accept these words as the sacred messages of the holy angels. These are not words from an imagination or from lowly spirits. Please receive these sacred covenants in a humble communion in the heart of your soul. Angels speak to your soul. They have told me to convey these messages to you.

From the angels: These mortals, at end, are worth the words and live to now enact the glories of the heavens. These still motionless mortal beings beg to hold the highest realms of knowledge in their minds. They cannot grasp the ways to fulfill this quest.

They need only the open heart. The ways of steering human minds to somewhat knowing the wonders of the heavens and to somewhat feeling God begin with listening to the soul. We, at the realm of heaven, hold no wants for people, as this is all-encompassing. The light of heaven holds all that these souls have ever sought.