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2020 Numerology: Relationship Magic

2020 Numerology: Relationship Magic Ken Robinson

What can 2020 be for you? In this year’s numerology, the power of 2 and 0 signify the enormous potential for profound healing for yourself and your relationships. The magic and sweetness in these numbers can help you dance in delight through the year.

The number 2 is the number of relationships. It takes two to create a connection. Like two poles of a battery, relationships create unique kinds of dynamics and flow. The 0 is the number of the source of all life, the universe, wholeness, and the common meeting ground of consciousness. It brings things to a new magical place.

Together, 2 and 0 speak to the creation of relationships that take you to fresh and invigorating realms and levels of life experience. This occurs when you and another, when you are both very present with yourselves and with each other, find a common ground of consciousness through which you can share your unique essences.