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You Are Waking Up in the Soul Forces

You Are Waking Up in the Soul Forces Spirit of Space and the Voice of Thunder through Arthur Fanning

Spirit of Space: Peace to all beings. We are the Spirit of Space because we are everywhere and everywhen. We were with you when you initially became a “when,” and we are with you in the future to understand the present moment that you are in. Understand the Spirit of Space, the concept of yourself, the importance of your chakras, and each moment. Contemplate the Spirit of Space, and I don’t mean outer space. I mean the Spirit of Space that you are in that holds the dimensional capacity to understand. By that, I mean if you are looking at a tree in the distance, the space between you and the tree is occupied. There are many beings in the tree and many beings between you and the tree. There are many beings influencing you, and the eyes are the key. Your eyes make noise. Are you aware of that? And what you see creates a vibration right to the heart, so you should choose what you are seeing very carefully.
You’ve heard the expression that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and you are beginning to experience the true understanding of what the soul is in the activation of the solar plexus. So closing the eyes calms the heart chakra and calms the mind. You have done this before, and you are in a meditation waking up in what we call the soul forces. You chose this space and time, and your eyes are the key.
The vibrations you felt when you were born are being understood now. You are much more than you think you are at the present time, and the eyes are the keys to the soul. You have to be careful of what you are contemplating as you close your eyes in a simple meditation of yourself. Then your inner question is, “Why am I here?” You are here to understand the present moment. When the pineal gland begins to open, you’re going to experience additional feelings because the eyes of the soul reflect energy in their own understanding.