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You Are the Magnet of Unified Consciousness

You Are the Magnet of Unified Consciousness Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Welcome, masters. There is a beloved master within each of you. It is indeed a momentous occasion when we celebrate the divine recognition of unified consciousness. This beautiful arrival flows through the stream of ascended awakening, ascended opening, and ascended presence: a divine trinity of eternal love. As one with your eternal presence, there is eternal love. With restored awareness of this eternal love, ascended presence remembers itself.

The Energy of Magnetism

What is ascended presence? It is an energy of magnetism. It is an opening and an opportunity. It is divine awareness of your unification with the energetic field of matter that has cocreated the body of form you currently experience.

The body experience of this “now” is very magnetic. As such, it realigns with the magnetism of Earth as it moves with the center of the universal stream of light. As your experience continues, you navigate the magnetic strata that open divine portals of recognition. This ignition provides the rich opportunity to release all illusion.