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The World as It Is

The World as It Is One Life through Catherine Weser

The world feels unstable and in constant flux. The news changes minute by minute. Descriptions of power struggles dominate the information shared on the media. You will need to look inside yourself to find stability, safety, and security.

You are likely evaluating the methods you have used in the past to identify and maintain a sense of inner security in order to develop new strategies for establishing such security. In times such as these, you are naturally driven to dive deep within yourself not only to understand the times but also to sort through them and find the places that give you the greatest sense of inner security. Anything that feels shaky or ungrounded can stimulate feelings of self-doubt.

You might find yourself questioning many aspects of your life and wondering what contributes to your inner security as well as to your greater doubt. This questioning becomes the lens through which you see your life. You might feel that you are on high alert all of the time. But you know that this is a time of profound learning. What you’re learning is how to appreciate life and the world as it is, exactly as it is in the moment — right here, right now — without any distractions.