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A Time of Love

A Time of Love The group through Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. We join you this day as a collective. We have watched you move through multiple levels of your existence since the beginning of the game. Planet Earth and the Family of E came together and said, “Let’s have a game with no rules whatsoever. We’ll see how it develops, whether people open their eyes and re-member who they are.” This game has continued for eons, going through different levels and junctions of space-time. Now you are stepping into another level of existence. We are so incredibly proud of you!

We have been watching the energies of separation that have permeated your planet. Much of the separation has to do with the propagation of fear and the way it spreads from one thing to the next.

Fear Exists Only in the Future

Fear and love are opposites although you might think of hate as the opposite of love. The easiest way to think of fear is as missing information, and we’d like to fill in that information for you because you can be afraid of things only in the future. Over the past several years, humanity has moved into a general feeling of fear, which is not right or wrong but simply the way things move. Fear is simply an emotional reaction to a projection. What you do with it is up to you.