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The Reality of Karma

The Reality of Karma Amma the Divine Mother and Abba the Divine Father through Cathy Chapman

Amma: My precious ones, I am Amma, the divine mother of the divine mothers. I am your mother as well.

Someone recently asked us about karma. They were good questions that many can relate to. I will speak to you first and then Abba will speak. I mentioned in a previous message that karma is completely misunderstood. Many of you view karma as negativity and punishment. You — the precious ones who elected to come to this amazing planet of learning — think of karma as something negative to keep you in balance, like hitting you over the head with a board to move you in the right direction. My dear ones, that is not at all what karma is. Karma is associated with love, with you becoming all that you are. Karma assists you in experiencing and learning that which you said you wanted to experience. It is a way to open up to yourself and the physical realm: your stony hearts and the fortresses you have built around them. You have heard different analogies or metaphors: Gold must be tested in fire for it to be beautiful, you have to cut a diamond to create the facets, or diamonds are only created under great pressure.

Love is not pressure in a negative sense; it is not meant to cause pain. The human realm is different because of what you call emotions. Emotions make love difficult for you. You have heard in certain scriptures — Judeo-Christian scriptures — a saying that the sins of the father are visited upon the children up to the seventh generation. Seven represents completion. Some people ask, “How many times must I forgive?” This is the same question Jesus heard from his followers. The answer is seven times, because that means completion. Jesus said, “No,” seventy times seven, which is many more than one completion, is it not?