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Priestess Power

Priestess Power Mary Magdalene through Virginia Ellen

In the brilliant light of love, I greet you. There is a high state of being that resides in your throat; it is the fifth sacred seal. With this seal, miracles are delivered to you. You become the energy of the priestess, and the energy brings all things to you.

When a woman has come into her priestess power, she stands strong and firm on a platform of love as the source of her power. She is no longer a victim and no longer lives under the rules of male dominance. She demonstrates courage; she can be ferocious in her quest for justice. She is beautiful and owns her beauty as the true essence of her being. She has moved away from relying on her physical attributes as her source of power or worth. She is a strong leader committed to truth and love.

To accept priestess power means to stand firm, speak the truth, and not be afraid of rocking the boat. A priestess does not live to please others, because she realizes that to do so would destroy her worth and self-respect and weaken the power of her love.