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The Pole Shift — an Opportunity for Global Cooperation

The Pole Shift — an Opportunity for Global Cooperation Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

25 January 2019

All right, this is Zoosh. I need to talk about something that is known and understood by your scientists but not in its complete picture. There is something happening on Earth now that cannot be stopped. It’s not going to happen suddenly; it is going to happen gradually, so there will be time to adjust. But to make the adjustments that are involved will take a global effort by the scientific and technological communities. The world cannot be fighting wars, or the outcome might not be very pretty. However, it doesn’t have to be a catastrophe; it can be a unifying element.

The pole shift is on; it is actually happening. However, it is not happening in ways that it has in the past, when it was a sudden event, not instantaneous, mind you, but quickly.

People on the planet at that time of the pole shift would have felt it, and other forms of life would have felt it. For those who were natural — meaning natural beings who were living naturally without any lessons, nothing to learn, nothing to teach for the most part — it was just, “Oh, what was that?” and they moved on with their lives.