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A Parable of the Backyard

A Parable of the Backyard Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I promised a parable, and it will feature a character named Wo. If you’ve not heard this before, Wo represents every human. Wo is not a single gender but both genders: wo-man. We will call the character “he,” because it makes sense in your language to do so.

In some ways, this is a story you might recognize, but in other ways, it’s fully metaphoric. Dear ones, parables always have a message. They are metaphors designed to represent other things. Sometimes we’ll explain what these metaphors mean, and other times we won’t. As we take this specific journey, we will explain a few meanings.

I’m going to give this parable a name: “Wo and His Backyard.” Right away, you might think this “backyard” isn’t really a physical backyard, and you’d be partially correct. In a moment, we’ll tell you more about the meaning. However, in my partner’s culture, a physical backyard is the space behind a typical home in the United States, and many reading this message have one. Some still have the one they grew up with.