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Navigating the Unpredictable

Navigating the Unpredictable Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

This is Count St. Germain. It is good that you are thinking about the importance of making conscious decisions this year because the coming changes will be greater than those that have so far been described for you. You cannot put too much emphasis on consciously realizing and recognizing the importance of the decisions you will make this year. For some of you, this involves areas of hidden knowledge. You are hesitant to go into these areas to have a look around. Perhaps there are things in these areas that you do not feel comfortable contacting, so you are unconsciously avoiding them. Be aware that connecting with the information in these areas can be immensely beneficial.

You might have decided to avoid or ignore this important information because it seems threatening to your belief system about the nature of reality. This information can cause you to shift and update your sometimes erroneous belief systems and may encourage you to make decisions that you have been avoiding. This hidden information can stimulate growth in your knowledge and perspective about many things important to you personally and to your well-being.

You will need to pay attention to reactive energies in order to have a smooth trip and keep things under your conscious control. Otherwise, any one thing may spiral out of control and cause a domino effect in many areas of your life. One thing quickly reacts to another, and then there is not a great deal of stability in any area of people’s lives or your society as a whole. This type of thing often happens when energies have become as reactive as they are now. Such reactivity has an effect on the way the energies are downloaded to Earth and the way Earth receives these energies.