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The Myth of Sacrifice

The Myth of Sacrifice The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How will the channeling process and the human form change in the new generations?

Biolight masters, today we discuss the genesis of sacrifice and the final frontier of the human form. There is a difference between laying down your life for another and baring the love of your heart to another. Your divine human can easily say to another, “I am happy to hold love for you and witness your rage at spirit for seemingly having to justify your worth’s existence. I honor your resistance and projections onto your body, because I have also lived it. You are loved by creation no matter what.” Let us compare the genesis of sacrifice to the exchange of self-love’s essence awareness and how the final frontier became the battle over the Homo sapien form.

In your creation story, the primordial antimatter womb of the great abyss of the all, birthed or laid bare its heart to the eternal presence of all life in order to birth the evolution of all life. This pre-evolution consciousness of the all acted as a great lord of the cause-effect atomic cell to challenge the known and unknown to marry life. This cosmic marriage would manifest life in evolution. This was “at-one-ment” with the heart of creation, always returning to the moment of the heart. Its anthropomorphic distortion became the misapplication of laying one’s life down for another in sacrifice or atonement.