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More Breaches in the 3D Illusion

More Breaches in the 3D Illusion Lynn Buess

People around the globe experience emotions ranging from shock to stunned to spiritual enhancement. Events wreak havoc on those trapped in conventional thought and programmed scenarios. The multiple tentacles of situational ethics are challenged to the core, putting Joe Public into further quandaries: “Who am I? What do I really stand for? More of the masses are unsettled from being cut off from their true selves, but they do not know how to reconnect or where to go for guidance.

The media war on humanity continues to spread, promoting this social schism to maintain the lock on the third-dimensional illusion. The existential crisis of humanity reaches a near explosive fever, and one hopes it does not boil over into mass hysteria and global social breakdown.

The thousands of global arrests for child sex trafficking and abuse largely remain unreported by a complicit media and press. The ugly head of this huge international ring is being gradually revealed, and once it’s acknowledged that it’s in force, there will be massive arrests, resignations, and replacements of those in high places throughout the entire world.