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The Majestic Presence of You

The Majestic Presence of You Artemis through Kenneth Drake

You, our dearest soul, are the epitome of presence encapsulated. We have said to you in times past that you possess the divine and most sovereign power to create at will. So often we have sought to bring you into greater recognition and remembrance of your true and most authentic nature, which is that of the sovereign.

We have seen great miscommunication in your world, and we well understand how very difficult it can be for you to manifest full awareness of this truth. Some among you — some voices of the religious age — have said that only what you call God is truly worthy of such honor and of such acknowledgment and praise. Has it not been written and spoken of by great teachers, prophets, mystics, and many ascended masters that we are all gods? This is indeed a great truth.

Stay Strong in the Face of Ridicule

With the great illusion of dichotomy comes the illusion of separation that has for so long told you that you are separate from the great source. In times past, you believed this lie. As you have emerged and as you continue onward into what can only be termed the fullness, there are (even now among you) some who call your newfound sense of self-awareness and heightened consciousness nothing more than ego. They say you possess such audacity to even think you possess such power. They question your truth, beloved, only because they have yet to come to the full understanding of their own unique and divine progression into All That Is.