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Live from Your Soul

Live from Your Soul The Divine through Sara Wiseman

Remember that you are switching paradigms. You are moving from the old reality of your dominant culture — fear, pain, numbness, and all the universes they inhabit: political rule, corporate rule, and cultural rule. You are moving into the new paradigm of intuition, expansion, oneness, nowness. It is not just an entirely different way of living; it is an entirely different way of experiencing your life!

At the beginning, when you are switching from numbness to consciousness, you will have moments when you don’t trust the new paradigm. You get sucked back into the old way, the old thought, and the pervasive culture of pain and fear that you have become accustomed to.

Remember: All this is misbelief. What is true, what is real, is that you are free. You are a divine soul; you are more than your human container. And when you begin to live this way — when you begin to live from your soul rather than from your human aspect — you experience more of this freedom.