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Listen to the Mind of Your Heart

Listen to the Mind of Your Heart Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

Imagine you find yourself in a landscape without signposts or clear paths. You stand alone, knowing that you need to choose a route, yet there are no obvious ways. You look out at this landscape and have to make a decision. We spoke before about the importance of decision making during this turbulent time; decisions need to be made. How, then, do you navigate yourself through the unknown? That is a vital question. We have already spoken about the extent of mind manipulation, misinformation, and all that can make the human mind like a clouded landscape with no obvious signs of what is right or what should be the next step. This has created a global illusion settling like a fog over your planet. Fog blanks out everything, even the outlines of pathways, trees, and the horizon. Just so, the mind can be blocked by the fog of illusion.

Unfortunately, those who have the will and intent to deceive have found it easy to create delusion. But this takes time; it is not just a daily or weekly thing. For some time now, we have been encouraging you to look carefully at the information that comes to you and to test it. Throughout the years, forces that seek to deceive you have created fertile minds in which seeds of doubt can be easily sown. And doubt can be an illusion, can it not? It can prevent you from taking a step forward in your life. Finding a path that is appropriate for the individual and collective humanity is a great challenge.

The Breakdown of Trust