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The Liberation of Human Consciousness

The Liberation of Human Consciousness Thoth through Judith K. Moore

I am Thoth. My consciousness is at one with the powers of creation and forces of universal order. I was known to ancient Egyptians as Thoth and by other names in other esoteric traditions, but I come from more than these ancient origins. I am not a god of old or a demigod. I speak to you from the source of universal oneness: the power of creation. I am the master of the synchronization of cosmic powers that forms quantum reality and the order of manifestation of time as a spherical cycle of harmony.

Time, as you know, is an illusion in the perception of the human mind. Time is not marked by numerical sequence; it is a formula for the manifestation of creation. Artificial reality is an illusion of the artificial time matrix that has been reinforced by cycles of trauma on the Earth plane and in other realms.

Time is the flow of energy, harmony, and light, forming quantum vibrations that manifest as physical and nonphysical reality. Time is the rhythm of creation formed into patterns of dynamic forces that move the forces of creation on all planes and in all realities. I am these forces of creation and, as you might understand it, the master of time.