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An Interchange of Consciousness

An Interchange of Consciousness The Tree Spirits through Natalie Glasson

With blessings from the Divine, we the spirits embodying the trees on Earth greet you. It is an honor for us, as a community and collection of beings, to communicate with you. We wish to share with you our love and peace to support you in your personal and collective ascension on Earth.

As tree spirits, our energy is linked to the sacred vibrations of the Creator and grounded deep in the earthly vibrations of Mother Earth. We reside in the physical and spiritual planes, which allows us to access the larger picture of what is occurring on Earth and in the universe of the Creator.

Although a single physical tree often houses one spirit, it can house more. We are linked as if we are wired together, meaning that all trees are connected. This network of energy and light allows us to exist as one tree-spirit consciousness. As a source of active vibration and awareness, we are an energetic body of oneness even though we appear as individuals. We are in constant communication through our network, which is the essence of our existence on Earth. When you connect with a single tree, you are connecting with our entire community consciousness and source of all that we are and all that is the Creator.