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The Heroes Who Persevered

The Heroes Who Persevered The Collective Soul through Carolyn Gervais

All of humanity is evolving to a more aware level of unification. The human body is upgrading to new frequency levels more conducive to self-healing through the mind and heart — knowing and understanding the purpose of empathy. During this period of your lives, Earth will continue to expand through the process of change.

Every day, people wonder why the All-Knowing power of the God force isn’t instantly answering prayers to magically heal the seemingly deplorable conditions on your planet. Yours is a planet of free will, dear ones. Free will is different for each person, because of the choices you make. Those choices often put you at odds with each other. People become more selfish, and civility decreases to the point it is completely thrown out the window, you might say. Nevertheless, you are all getting what you need from your higher power and receiving what you have asked for. It is no accident that you are all on Earth during this auspicious time, when ego power is depleting people’s moral and ethical rights as patrons of Earth.

There Are Two Sides of Power