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Everything Is Energy in Motion

Everything Is Energy in Motion The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders. We are the first souls that came to Earth. We want to share with you some aspects of an idea that many of you know about but few understand. You are no longer surprised to hear that everything is energy. All that you see as physical structures is energy in slow motion that seems solidified. You tend to treat energy solidified in form as fixed and unchangeable. That is not true. Everything is energy in motion, which means everything is continuously changing even when it seems it does not. When you see change you call it growth or transformation; however, it is an expression of a constant change in energy in a dynamic energy system.

We have often shared that emotion is energy in motion. That is why emotion is considered the basis of creation. A better word for what you experience as emotion is feelings. You feel fear, worry, anger, frustration, joy, happiness, sadness, gratitude, and many others. Feelings become emotions when you allow the energy of the feelings to move — to be in motion. Many people, for various reasons — often culturally determined — do not allow the energy of feelings to be in motion. As a consequence, they block the movement of energy, and they get stuck in their system, causing discomfort, pain, disease, and even death.
Humans could live long lives, but they are afraid to allow the energy of their feelings to flow, which shortens their lives. Fortunately, humans also have emotions that create beautifully constructive and awe-inspiring effects, such as different expressions of art, music, or dance. However, most of what you call emotions are feelings that are stuck in your system; they are no longer creative but destructive. The greatest truth is that everything is supposed to be energy in motion. If you do not allow this motion, your system loses its aliveness.