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Embrace the Unknown

Embrace the Unknown Master Kuthumi through Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision I see is of a desert of windswept sand; the land feels barren and devoid of life. Off in the distance, a lone traveler wrapped in an iridescent robe of light approaches on a camel. He descends from the camel with a smile and gives me a warm embrace: It is Master Kuthumi.

Master Kuthumi: Welcome to all who choose to embrace my words this day. The vision of the desert is intentional, as I am aware that many of you feel as if you are adrift on an ocean of shifting sand, and you feel uncertain of your future. It is to each of you that I direct my love, intention, and words this day. Be not afraid of the unknown. Be not afraid of chaos. Be not afraid of life.

You are in the throes of creating a new existence on your planet Earth. In the creative process, there are always times of not knowing, and there are feelings of despair and uncertainty of the finished product. It is from chaos that the new can emerge, and it has always been so. This year of 2019 is no exception.