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Create a Bridge of Love from Your Heart to Theirs

Create a Bridge of Love from Your Heart to Theirs Goddess Marillia through Karinna Nielsen

As you move through what many perceive to be chaotic and fearful times unfolding in your world, let me say that each of you holds within you the answers to anything and everything that you are challenged with now. The answers are right there in your heart, and your heart is fully connected into the Creator’s love. Love is the all-powerful force that guides the universe, the planets, the stars, and all beings of light, including you. Love guides everything, and everything is love.

Though it may seem that other factors, such as fear, anger, or hatred, are the forces in control on Earth, look beyond these illusions, and you will find love. Love is the transformational force that moves all sentient beings through evolutionary processes, whatever they may be. How can you feel this love? What are the ways it can guide your journey through the third dimension into the next dimension and beyond?

The energies of love surround each being on Earth, and it is only the illusion of fear that allows you to feel separation from the truth of love. This feeling of separation allows for your experiences of despair, frustration, loneliness, anger, or whatever you choose. You can feel the fear, or you can choose to feel love. When you choose to expand your awareness of this all-present love, you shift the focus of your life on Earth. You’re able to navigate what seem like stormy seas in your life and become more aware of the beauty surrounding you.