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The Complexity of Earthly Dimensions

The Complexity of Earthly Dimensions Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

It is a very complex world you live in, more so than you can possibly understand. Even the words “world” and “live” include more in their definitions than you know at this time.

Your world is far more and far greater than the planet you occupy. There are layers upon layers of realities in what you call your world. For example, there are multitudes of dimensions that exist concurrently on your planet. You are not aware of them because they are out of the frequency range your body systems can sense. Nonetheless, this is why we, and others like us who are communicating with humans now, stipulate that this planet will live on, with or without humans.

There are uncountable dimensions currently on your planet, as there have been for eons. Many of the dimensions are longer-lived, so to speak, than others. Some have only existed for a short time, but to you it seems like forever. You humans have only been in existence in your dimension for a short time; it is like the blink of the Creator’s eye.