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The Coming Changes to the Male-Female Relationship

The Coming Changes to the Male-Female Relationship The Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

During April, mental psychic energy will be challenging to harness and focus in any specific direction. Much of what will be expressed will be done out of rage, anger, or fear — either through the written or spoken word or the reinterpretation of agreements and contracts. Two-facedness and altered intentions acting out in the media, groups, companies, and countries have the potential to raise the level of frustration, anguish, and hopelessness to peaks that may be acted on in haste. This brings unexpected outcomes that extend further than anyone might have anticipated. Since all this mental psychic energy is totally airborne, it knows no limits and is not easily contained.

The elemental kingdom will be coming online this month. The element of water has been activated for quite some time and continues to be strong, empowering the energies of balanced reciprocity. The elements of air, fire, and earth are being activated.

The passionate fire energies of Aries activate the wounded healer, Chiron, empowering the energies of the Divine Masculine to seek new ways to heal the ancient wounds of ego, control, fear, and attachment brought in eons ago. These have been perpetuated by both men and women due to lack of authenticity, honesty, integrity, and self-responsibility for what they’ve cocreated.