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Ask the Angels: God Watches Over You

Ask the Angels: God Watches Over You Cheryl Gaer Barlow

When you talk about the new spirituality, what do you mean?

— Jesse, Eugene, OR

From the angels: The new way to be with God is to live as if you are in the presence of God. Now each will behave in a manner befitting God’s creation of the human soul. Be the best version of God’s creation you can be, and be as if God is right here with you at this moment.

Be with angels in your soul. Angels are the eyes and ears of God. Return the love we send you. Be aware of our presence. Give your thoughts each day to God. This will connect you to the love from the heavens. Send thoughts you would want God to hear.

If each person in the world planned his moments as if God were watching, peace would come to the world. Make the world your domain rather than fitting in another’s mold for you. Be free in your actions. Be as you desire. Be in the world God created for you. Create your own world. Express yourself in whatever way you deem correct.