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Yours Is Not the Only Truth

Yours Is Not the Only Truth Mary Magdalene through Penelope Genter

The time has come to throw open the doors of understanding so that all can be brought together as One. While each has held dear his or her piece of the mosaic, none is complete in his or her holographic form until placed beside the others in the collective.

As you all have rescued nuggets of truth from the fire, it is now time to share your piece with others who might have interlocking pieces. It is also time to let go of the stories that have helped to persuade and mislead the masses in order to direct them on different paths. Beneath the subterfuge and misdirection is a greater story.

As to how Yeshua and I became part of this, it is finally coming to light. Our path was not to create a religion but to find a common thread that would draw all spiritual truths into a common understanding. As the channel has said, all are seeing from different portholes of a ship and will not have an unobstructed view until they are on the bridge with God.